Little Kids, Big Hearts

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Tallahassee, FL -- May 24, 2012 --

It's a field trip with a purpose. 3rd graders from Sealey Elementary School in Tallahassee had one goal when they went to Fire station two Thursday: to help others.

"When people get in accidents, like their house or something, we can get them the quilt so they'll feel better! Because it has nice things on it that make you feel happy!" said third grader Sabriel Crumbie.

The students in Mrs. Jamie Bellamy's class designed the quilts with drawings meant to make children feel better. Having to evacuate a home because of a fire is a terrible situation, especially for kids. The hope is that the quilts provide comfort when young victims may not have anything else.

"Everything that's on here made us happy. Like I made a flower, and a heart, that made me happy, so that's what we did," explained student Shay Woody.

"We've actually been out there at these fires, middle of the night, and take these off the truck and hand deliver them to the children, and it puts a smile on their face," said Mike Bellamy of the Tallahassee Fire Department.

These students may be short in stature, but no one will question the size of their hearts.