Live Oak Flood Victims Deal With The Heat Even Without Power

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- Live Oak, FL - June 30, 2012 -

The flood water continues to steadily recede in Live Oak but there's still plenty of standing water. And now there is a new problem this weekend: dangerous heat.

Live Oak resident Wanda Owens told Eyewitness News that she didn't know how hot it was Saturday but she said it felt like 105 or 110 degrees. It wasn't quite that hot, but temperatures in North Florida are approaching triple digits this weekend.

That is a big problem because countless homes lost power in the flood. Which means plenty of people have to find their own ways of staying cool. Eyewitness News found a group of young kids playing in the pool.

The electric companies shut off power to countless homes during the flood. And Sheriff Tony Cameron says there's no estimate on how many people are still without power.

No power means no air conditioning. That spells trouble for workers trying to rebuild after the flood.

"It's muggy. It's hard to breath. Especially inside the building we're trying to clean out," said Travis Stalvey.

That kind of heat can cause dizziness as well as more serious heat related illnesses. And after a flood it can be unbearable.

"Miserable because the smell. It smells so bad and hot. You can't turn on a fan or anything," Wanda Owens said.

And while the flood water may be cool, you should really stay away from it if you can. Authorities say the water could be full of sewage. And you never know if there will be snakes or unseen sinkholes.