Local Ambulances Getting New Life Saving Equipment

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Valdosta, GA - One paramedic said "there's no doubt about it. We know we're going to save lives."

Beginning November 1, 2012 all 11 ambulances in Lowndes County will be fitted with the LifePack 15. The device allows paramedics to monitor a patient's heart and breathing, which will save valuable time and prevent heart-related deaths.

Jeremy Norman is a paramedic. he said "the beauty of this system is to allow us to move data. Patient data. And it allows the physician to have a complete picture of what's actually happening in the field."

People who have gone through the trauma of heart disease understand the LifePack 15's importance. Alan Moore recently underwent quintuple bypass surgery. The technology wasn't in use when he was rushed to the E.R., but he is a big supporter of it.

Moore said "when they told me they can't do an angiogram or an angioplast and would have to go open heart... and go open heart surgery. And that really scared me. As a single parent all I could think of was my little girl."

Each LifePack 15 costs $30 thousand dollars. A bill that's being picked up entirely by South Georgia Medical Center.