Local Family Loses Everything After New Year's Day Fire

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-- Valdosta, Ga. -- January 3, 2013 --

The new year brought new pain to one local family when a fire tore through their home.

Kathy West said "I was literally sick to my stomach and hysterical." Her husband Donald said it "just hits you and you're in shock and you dont really believe it until you see it."

The Wests had been taking family pictures on New Year's Day before the fire struck. Donnie and Kathy made a trip to walmart when a call came from their son Nick.

Nick said "I took off running from over there and I was calling my mom and my uncle telling them that the house was on fire. And I was just like really scared."

Kathy said "everything the child owned, even things we kept from when he was a baby, everything is gone."

Because the Wests were outside of their home when it caught fire all that they had were the clothes on their back. You can contribute to the family by contacting the Ameris bank and giving to the West Family Fund.

Investigators still don't know what caused the fire at 4041 Stewart Circle. The Wests can't go home, but they're together.

Nick went on to say "we're all still alive, we're still a family." Kathy said "looking at it really hurts but we have each other and I thank god for that."

The Wests are staying with family. And the Red Cross is also helping until they figure out what's next.

To contact the Ameris bank call (229) 241-2851 and ask to donate to the West Family Fund.