Man Uses Santa to Surprise Girlfriend with Marriage Proposal

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Thomasville, GA - December 8, 2012

Jerry Hubbard owns a Christmas tree farm in Thomasville. He said "we've been open for twenty eight years and we've never had a request such as this. But maybe it will start a trend."

That request was to have Santa surprise Steven Humphries' girlfriend Alexis with a ring. She was under the impression they were going to pick out a tree. A proposal via Santa was the last thing on her mind.

Santa said "I was nervous when I heard about it but I know it's going to be a lot of fun. And he's looking forward to it. The only fear Jerry had was well I hope she says yes."

That's exactly what she said. Steven Humphries said he felt very nervous and had "butterfly's" in his stomach.

Although Steven was the one who orchastrated the proposal, the idea came from his mother Nancy Thomas. She said "he was asking me for some ideas. he had some really good ideas. And on the way to work the other day it just hit me, I thought that would be a great idea so I picked up the phone and called him and he was all for it."

There's no doubt the bride to be was happy. But she did feel playfully frustrated about being put on the spot.

A date has not been set but the couple was floating the idea of getting married on Christmas Day next year.