Local School Teaches Students with iPads

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-- Valdosta, Ga. -- November 30, 2012 --

It's an Apple education. Students at the Valdosta Early College Academy are now being taught with iPads. The latest group of kids received their devices on Wednesday. There are nearly 200 iPads at Valdosta Early College Academy, meaning every single student has one.

Students take quizzes and can do homework on these tablets... The technology also keeps things current. Lanita McDuffie is a science teacher at Valdosta Early College Academy. She said "as the textbooks are printed they are pretty much outdated. Especially with science because we know science can be tentative. And so as new discoveries are made then there's new information out there and so with the iPad it's now at the fingertips of the students."

Student, Gaten Bush, said "a textbook is directed at what a person thought when they wrote it. But since the iPad is connected to the Internet there are so many different opinions on a certain subject so you can get the greater idea."

The school's principle, Ingrid Hall, said "the money to support the iPad program actually comes from Valdosta State University. And their desire to see that we are truly, first of all, innovative as a learning environment."

The Valdosta Early College Academy was created in 2008. Students range from sixth to tenth grade.