Local Business Targeted by Thieves Nine Times in One Year

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Thomasville, GA -- June 5, 2012 --

Barwick Signs and Designs has a big problem on their hands.

"I've been broken into 9 times since last June," said owner Keith Taylor.

Taylor is still picking up the pieces from the latest break-in at the end of May.

"They've taken hats, quantities of hats, they've taken preprinted stuff, I've already had to replace all my power tools twice," explained Taylor.

Taylor claims help from law enforcement has been hard to get.
He says the Barwick Police Department, Brooks and Thomas County Sheriff's Office are all being uncooperative, even failing to collect evidence.

Barwick Police Chief Anthony Barfield declined comment until he received permission from City Hall, which was closed.

"When Chief Barfield called Thomas County and asked them to come process the crime scene for him on my second break-in, they refused stating there was a rift between them and the Brooks County Sheriff's office," said Taylor.

The Thomas County Sheriff's office says that claim is news to them.

"We have a good working relationship with every sheriff's office that touches Thomas County. As long as I've been here I've never had a problem working with any jurisdiction," said Cpt. Steve Jones of the Thomas County Sheriff's Office.

As for Taylor, he feels like he has run out of options.

"I guess I need to do what I need to do to protect my interests, because everything I own is tied up in this business."