Local Businesses & Shoppers Show Support For Flood Victims

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Thomasville, GA -- June 15, 2012 --

The city of Thomasville saw more flooding Friday, but this time, the streets were flooding with shoppers and support.

"When disaster strikes, Thomasville residents are here to help," said Bill Bowen.

Downtown shops and restaurants are calling it "Flood Downtown For Flood Victims." A portion of their sales will be donated to the relief efforts of those who were hit hard by the recent flash flooding.

"I might start looking a little more to help these flood victims," Bowen added.

Dana Davidoff, owner of Relish & Dash says her decision to participate was an easy one.

"It's really important that we support when we can, we give back when we can, when they're so supportive of us all the time."

Younger generations of shoppers are taking notes of the team effort.

"A lot of people down here are probably going to be kids or children, and they'll be able to get the idea to start maybe when they're older in a different community," Hampton Toole said.

One thing shoppers of all ages can agree on, it's a good day to live in Thomasville.

"It's so important that small towns come together, in a time when time when that's just not the case anymore. We're really really fortunate here in Thomasville to have such a cohesive community," said Davidoff.