Local Dog Attacks Lead to Public Outrage

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-- Valdosta, Ga. --

Dakota, a dog that many Brooks County residents took care of, spent many nights sleeping in a bed provided by Julie Bowland who lives on Pinedale Circle. That was until June 18th when he was attacked by two pit bulls living in the neighborhood. Two days later he died.

Dakota was one of 8 dogs that neighbors say was attacked by 2 pit-bulls living in the area. One neighbor spoke about another animal that has him to thank for its life.

Brooks County resident Steve Renfroe said "I just heard a horrendous noise and went out my back door and witnessed the one dog down with one pitbull on the hind legs and one at its throat. And I grabbed the quickest thing I had was a baseball bat. And I fended off both of the dogs with that bat and broke up the fight."

The owners of the pitbulls have a different explanation as to why their animals are involved in conflict.

The dog's co-owner, Bryant Morgan said "I think it's probably just a dominance thing. I guess.. you know, this is my land. [laughs]. You know stuff like that, Dogs being dogs, that's all I can say."

Brooks County Resident Julie Bowland said "I should be safe to walk in my neighborhood freely as should the mothers with their own kids. So that's my primary concern."

Brooks County Sheriff Mike Dewey has been appointed the animal control officer. His office has pledged to address this issue.