Local Film Company Promotes Tourism In The Azalea City

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- Valdosta, Ga. - May 19, 2012 -

The magic of the movies has always been a great way to attract audiences to different places and now a small film company in Valdosta is working to promote tourism in the Azalea City.

Doug Sebastian and Roy Kirkland run "Doug Sebastian Productions".

"We're independent film makers. That means we're poor," said Roy Kirkland.

They film exclusively in Valdosta.

"We don't change the name of the city. We use that because to us it's a sense of pride in Valdosta," Kirkland said.

"Unless it's supposed to be Paris, France, it's going to be Valdosta," said Doug Sebastian.

DSP has already finished two movies and they have two more that are in the works. But they are already well known in South Georgia for their award-winning documentary "A Cross Burning In Willacoochee."

They're building support with city leaders and community businesses, all in the effort to promote more tourism in the Azalea City by showing off it's finer points. Similar movies have done the same for Georgia including "Fried Green Tomatoes".

"The more movies we can make and get out there for the national audience to see. They are going to spend money here. They're going to want to see all the beautiful places we have filmed," said Kirkland.

"It's an ideal place to do films," said Sebastian.

Georgia does offer tax incentives to film makers but only for big budget companies.