Local Woman Overcomes Car Accident to Walk at Graduation

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Thomasville, GA -- June 7, 2012 --

Yolanda Huston, a 36-year-old Thomasville resident, sits in class at Southwest Georgia Technical College. However, back in Feb. 2012 her future wasn't so certain.

"On my way home, I got hit head on by a truck and it flipped me up in the air, onto the other side of the road," Huston said.

Huston cannot afford a car, so she would often make the three mile trek to school on her bike.

The accident cause serious damage to one of her legs, but her determination remained strong.

"She only missed one night and that was the night after her wreck and she was in the hospital, so she just missed that night," said Huston's professor Chris Parrish.

Huston had a long road to recovery, but she completed the rest of her classes in real-time online, never missing an assignment.

After years of hard work and months of rehabilition, Huston will walk across the stage Thursday night and finally recieve the diploma she's worked so hard for.

She now hopes others can use her story as inspiration to overcome.

"If you have a desire to go back to school, just set a goal and try to accomplish your goal; everyday, every week, every hour."