Locals React to Paul Ryan's Speech at Republican Convention

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Lowndes County, Georgia- August 30, 2012

Congressman Paul Ryan formerly accepted his nomination to be Mitt Romney's vice presidential candidate Wednesday night in Tampa. His speech has gotten many in the community excited about the Republican ticket.

The Lowndes County Republican Party Treasurer, Sondra Supp said "I loved it. I think he's a fine young man. He's very well aware of the situation we're in in our country financially and he's done his homework."

The economy will no doubt be a central theme in this years election... and was mentioned frequently in Congressman Ryan's speech. Something else mentioned frequently: President Obama.

Lowndes County Resident, Peter Supp, said "I felt like when he attacked it was on issues. He didn't say Obama was a bad character or anything, he just said that Obama doesn't have any plans. You know, what he has tried has failed and he has nothing new. He keeps wanting to recite the same old stuff of increasing taxes and spending more."

Although Congressman Ryan appealed to many voters, some feel actions speak louder than words.

Lowndes County local, Wayne Cargile, said "following through will be a much different story than just spouting those words behind a microphone."

The Democratic National Convention is set to begin Tuesday, September 4th. Governor Romney is set to speak at the Republican National Convention Thursday and will accept his party's nomination for President.