Locals Celebrate Memorial Day Outside Despite Tropical Storm Beryl

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-- Tallahassee, Fl. -- May 28, 2012 --

There were military veterans... and storm veterans alike. Families of all ages came out to celebrate Memorial Day. Tropical storm Beryl is the second storm to have hit before hurricane season. That was cause for concern for many.

Jane't Lawrence, a Tallahassee resident, said "we were going to go to the pool and I looked out and I was like oh man the clouds are just going to bust! And I was like okay guys, called my sister and told her no more, we're not going to do anything. And than it just started raining like whoa, it just came out of no where. So we were going to make it a movie day, you know, stay home and just watch movies. Then it just started passing."

As the weather passed families came out. Tom Brown Park played host to many.

Cookie Davis was at the park. She said "there's a break so we decided to bring the kids out here and run around and get some energy off. And hopefully they'll sleep well tonight for school tomorrow."

Although many were just happy to see the rain stop, some we're focused on the symbolism of the day.

Stewart Calhoun, a Tallahassee resident, said "It's a good day to remember those who passed for us. Who actually served to keep us free and to keep this country what it is."

This is the first time in more than 100 years that 2 tropical storms have hit before hurricane season.