Lowndes County Hopes to Build New Multimillion Library and Auditorium with Tax Profits

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-- Valdosta, Ga. -- August 5, 2012 --

Despite the recent T-SPLOST tax proposal being voted down... there's a similar tax already generating millions. The SPLOST tax currently collects a penny from all local sales.

Officials have announced plans to use that money for a new library and auditorium in Valdosta's Five Points area valued at roughly $22 million. Because the SPLOST tax is already in place many residents feel it's a lot easier pill to swallow.

Joyce Chan is an Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Valdosta State University. She said "the conversation about taxes the danger is that most people, due to the recession, don't want to pay an extra penny because it adds up eventually over time they feel that it's taking away resources from their own family when they might need it most."

Valdosta resident Edgar Hollingsworth said "I live on a very fixed budget, and I'm retired and I'm living on social security. And I don't get a lot so you know everything helps as far as keeping the expenses down."

Voters have the chance to end the current SPLOST tax on November 6th which would mean no new library or auditorium... but many voters feel those extra pennies are a necessary sacrifice.

Valdosta resident Debra Southers said "I think it's a good idea for kids you know, to have something else to go to besides the schools so I think it's a good idea."