Lowndes Co. Man Says His Device Could Prove Useful in Oil Spills

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- Lowndes Co., Ga. - April 17, 2012 -

This week marks the anniversary of the Gulf Oil Crisis and a Lowndes County man has built a device he says could cut down the time it takes to react to an oil spill.

Donnie Tucker demonstrates using high pressure water hoses. He calls his device "Emergency Pipe Connections."

Now these are just working show models, the real thing will be 20 times bigger and weigh thousands of pounds.

He says when the blowout preventer failed in the gulf, they could have attached one of these to seal off the leak.

"Once it's locked on and it has sealed it self to the well, the oil company then has control of the well again, and greatly reduces the time it takes to connect to the well," said Donnie Tucker.

Tucker says this device might prove useful in any emergency situation in a location that's difficult to reach.