New Super Districts Change The Way Lowndes Residents Vote

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- Valdosta, Ga. - May 25, 2012 -

Lowndes County has created two new Super Districts. That means when voters hit the polls in November there will be two more positions to fill.

Lowndes County Commissioners make the policies that control everyday life in the county. And in 2009, voters decided that five commissioners are better than three.

But it was just approved Wednesday by the Department of Justice. So now there are two new Super Districts that engulf the existing districts. That means now everyone who lives in Lowndes County lives in two different districts.

Lowndes County has traditionally been split into three districts. That means they had three commissioners. But with these new Super Districts Four and Five, there will be five commissioners.

District Four is the Super District over District One. And District Five is the Super District over Districts Two and Three. That means residents will each vote for two sets of commissioners plus the chairman.

"I think it's a good idea having more eyes on the problems. More heads on the problem will make a bit better decisions," said Stephen Bacon, Lowndes County voter.

"I don't think they need it. I think that three of them are enough and I think they don't need the other two. We don't need to be paying for two more representatives," said Beverly Smith, Lowndes County voter.

The Super Districts are active now but the new Commissioners will start January first because they have to be elected in November.


County Commission Chair

Bill Slaughter (R)
6926 Simpson Rd., Hahira, GA 31632
229-794-2822 (h), 229-244-1200 (w)

Gretchen Quarterman (D)
6565 Quarterman Rd., Hahira, GA 31632
P.O. Box 2012, Valdosta, GA 31604
229-242-0102 (h), 229-834-1945 (c)

County Commission District 1

Joyce Evans (D) (Incumbent)
408 Mildred St., Valdosta, GA 31601
229-242-1294 (h)

County Commission Super District 4

John Gates (R)
4124 Conway Cir., Valdosta, GA 31605
229-247-3266 (w)

James Warren III (R)
3801 Moore Rd., Valdosta, GA 31605

Allen Lane (D)
6315 Upper Grand Bay Rd., Naylor, GA 31641
229-247-0847 (h)

Demarcus A. Marshall (D)
3839 Edinburg Cir., Valdosta, GA 31605
229-671-1525 (h), 229-630-3866 (w)

County Commission Super District 5

Bill Tucker (R)
2427 Westwood Dr., Valdosta, GA 31602
229-242-1900 (h)

Jody T. Hall (R)
7288 Hall-Webb Rd., Hahira, GA 31632
229-794-1425 (h), 229-563-1762 (w)

Adam Rassatt (R)
4470 Plantation Crest Rd., Valdosta, GA 31602
229-834-7465 (h), 229-247-4301 (w)

John P. Page (R)
P.O. Box 32, Hahira, GA 31632
229-834-3939 (h), 229-249-9797 (w)