Lowndes High School Warns of Potential Scam

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-- Valdosta, Ga. -- April 22, 2012 --

Local business in Lowndes County are being targeted by a company called Halftime Sports of Texas. The company says it's connected to the Lowndes High School football program. The only problem: Lowndes High School has never heard of them.

The callers identify themselves using the names Nikki or Courtney. They're asking businesses to place ads on T-shirts. They say those T-shirts will be distributed at Lowndes High School football games.

One Valdosta resident, Elaine Grice, said "If you're going to get a phone call and you're really not sure that those people are legit with what they're saying then if I'm calling and I AM legit and I'm being honest about it, people can't separate those two things."

Another resident, Tammy Hauser, said "that's why it's so important to be careful with what information you give out over the phone. And to do a little background check before you give any approval or any money to anybody.. it's to know what you're giving to."

The school system says that any requests for donations will come from official school system employees.

The Lowndes High School Vikings first regular season game is on August, 31.