Suspect To Be Extradited For Attack On Local Woman 5 Years Ago

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Thomasville, Georgia- August 30, 2012

A man charged with kidnapping and robbing a local real estate agent five years ago, has returned to Thomasville to learn his fate.

Jaime Diaz , 49, has been extradited to the Thomas County Jail after serving five years in a Louisiana prison on unrelated charges.

Back in October 2007, Diaz met with a Thomasville RE/MAX agent to look at homes. He then robbed her, stole her vehicle and tied her up, before fleeing to Louisiana.

At his sentencing on Wednesday, Diaz pled guilty.

Special Agent Steve Turner with the Georgia Bureau Investigation said, "He was sentenced to 10 years for serve, but they went ahead and used his time he had already served so he could go to Alabama and Mississippi to face charges over there."

Those charges in Alabama and Mississippi include attempted kidnapping and motor vehicle theft.

Agent Turner says Diaz is expected to be extradited to Alabama within the next few days.