Man Chases Off Armed Robber Suspect with Shotgun, Could Face Charges

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By: Eames Yates
January 29, 2013

Valdosta, GA - A neighbor Kali Griswold said "it was just like a pop sound and we were like is that a gun shot? There's no way!"

It was indeed, fired from a shotgun. But it didn't belong to the attempted robber who knocked on apartment B-8 at 1515 Boone Drive on Sunday night. He was carrying a pistol. The guy inside had the heavier firepower.

The would-be robber ran off into the parking lot and got into an SUV that was waiting for him. That's when the guy who lived in the apartment, Don Beard, followed him and took a shot towards the SUV.

Jamie McMillan is a Valdosta State University Student. He said "I would have done the same thing. You have the right to defend yourself or your property. I wouldn't have missed, I would have shot the guy."

But police say Beard crossed the line with his actions and could be charged with assault.

Lieutenant Aaron Kirk with the Valdosta Police Department said "according to the report and what he told the officers the threat was over. So when he left the residence and went outside and fired at the vehicle that was leaving the scene, that's taking matters into his own hands."

Cops are still searching for the man with the pistol who knocked on Beard's door. So far, Beard has not been charged with a crime.
Police describe the attempted robber as a black male, about six foot three inches tall with a heavy build.