Man Pulls C-130 Across Runway At Moody Air Force Base

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Valdosta, GA - It takes a pretty strong person to pull even a small airplane, but what about a huge cargo plane across the runway?

Strong Man Mark Kirsch pulled a C-130 Hercules at Moody Air Force Base Friday morning with little more than a thick rope. It weights more than 75,000 pounds with big soft tires that make it even harder to move.

He is pulling the beast along the runway to say 'thank you'. It's part of a program called "Pulls For Our Troops".

"I tour the United States going to different Air Force bases through out the airshow season. Figuratively and literally pulling for our troops," said Mark Kirsch, professional Strong Man for 'Pulls For Our Troops'.

Friday's showing was actually just practice. So if you want to see him do it in person, you will want to come out to Moody's Big Open House and Air Show the 27th and 28th of this month.