Many Worried About the Impact of the Marching 100's Future

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Tallahassee, FL -- May 11, 2012 --

When you go to the barber shop, you're there to get a 'cut, and to talk. Today's topic: Dr. White's resignation.

"How can you not, how can you not know there were 100 people not enrolled in the university and still have them participate?" said Erving Gilliam.

Gilliam's been cutting hair here for years. He's also a FAMU alum. His diploma is right there on the wall. Gilliam says that the events surrounding the Marching 100 have hurt him, and will hurt FAMU if there is no band.

"People come to football games, a large percentage of those people are coming to see the band," said Gilliam.

With the future of the Marching 100 still up in the air, Dr, Julian White submitted his resignation - but some folks around town feel he should still be at the helm of the band.

"Resigning? No way. He should have stayed. And I'll say this, without him, there will be no Marching 100," said a Tallahassee resident only being identified as "Hollywood."

Back at the barbershop, Gilliam says he feels for the innocent kids who may be affected by having their band taken away.

"Their parents send them up here to get a good education. It's not fair to them the kids that came up here to do right all these years, to get the rug snatched up from underneath them too."