Moody Combat Team Returns

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By: Winnie Wright
August 5, 2014

A group of very happy Airmen with the 71st Rescue Squadron returned from deployment and met their families with open arms at Moody Air Force Base today.

The group of about 30 pilots and maintenance crews flew in on the HC 130 P Combat King. That aircraft, is returning home from it's final deployment after being in combat for nearly 50 years. One pilot says it was a nostalgic flight home, because that's the only aircraft he's ever known, but those feelings went out the window when he saw his family for the first time in months.

"Fortunately we have access to the internet so we can do Skype and stuff. My son still recognizes me when he sees me, so that's good. I've talked to some old timers who didn't have that, and they said they'd walk up and their kids wouldn't recognize them, but having Skype, and video chat, telephone pretty much at your disposal, makes it a lot easier, I think, on the family," said C.J. Cersovski, HC-130P Pilot.

Their Commander says the group has been deployed pretty steadily since 2011, coming home for only 4 to 6 months at a time. The 71st Rescue Group's next deployment will be on the HC-130 J Combat King 2, the old aircraft's replacement.