Moody Air Force Base Squad To Deploy To Afghanistan

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- Lowndes Co., Ga. - June 22, 2012 -

About 75 members of the 824th Base Defense Squadron from Moody Air Force Base are scheduled to deploy to Afghanistan Sunday June 24. The 824th Base Defense Squadron provides fully-integrated, highly capable and responsive forces to protect Expeditionary Air Forces.

Moody is home to the 93rd Air Ground Operations Wing that provides highly trained ground combat forces capable of integrating air and space power into the ground scheme of fire and maneuver. The wing members conduct offensive and defensive ground combat operations worldwide to protect expeditionary aerospace forces with an airborne capability. At a moment's notice, they provide worldwide deployable, "first-in," fully integrated, multi-disciplined capabilities and airborne, air-mobile, air-land, and over-land insertion capability to the joint commander. They remain the joint expert on integration of air power and combat weather support to ground forces.