More Georgians Settling for Minimum Wage

New data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that more Georgians are settling for less money.

The statistics show that 1 in every 10 working Georgians now make the minimum wage. The Atlanta Journal - Constitution reports that the percentage of Georgians making $7.25 an hour, or sometimes less, rose to 9.6% last year.

"We're finding that job seekers who are really assertive about getting back into the market are taking opportunities that maybe they might not have looked twice at," said Cynthis Drayton of the Georgia Department of Labor.

"Barring what I would like to do which is primarily wharehousing, inventory services, things of that nature, I'd be willing to take whatever I can get my hands on right now," said Greg Gartrell who is currently looking for work.

The national average for those working for minimum wage is five point two percent.