Controversial New Laws Now in Effect in Georgia

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-- Valdosta, Ga. -- July 1, 2012 --

Some Georgia residents will soon be taking tests. From now on anyone that is applying for welfare and food stamps will have to pass a drug test. If you fail you'll be ineligible for benefits for a month. If you fail a total of 3 times, you'll be ineligible for a year, which has many in the community divided.

Valdosta resident Joseph Alvarez said "parents, if they're receiving assistance from the government such as welfare, such as food stamps, any type of assistance if they are putting that money to good use and they're helping their children out, they're families than they have nothing to worry about."

Another Valdosta Resident, Charles Todd Sr., said "It's rather unfair in my opinion because we don't require drug tests to get tax breaks for you know, people who can afford certain luxuries in life and to require drug tests for people that are the neediest, I think it's unfair."

Other new laws include a 50%reduction in unemployment benefits.

Valdosta Resident Charles Todd Jr. said "those cuts they kind of hit deep. Especially for those people that aren't well established, the younger generation."

Many opponents believe the law to drug test welfare applicants will be challenged in court. Despite devided opinions one thing is certain, as of July first 2012 these bills are now law.

In all Governor Deal signed more than 500 bills into Georgia law following the 2012 session.