Newlyweds on Honeymoon Arrested for Weapons and Drugs

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-- Suwannee County, Fl -- April 20, 2012 --

Some couples go to the beach for their honeymoon. Others prefer a trip to Europe. One couple from Alpharetta, Georgia chose to come to the Suwannee rest stop. That decision landed them in jail.

Justin Brett Walker pulled off of I-10 East in the early morning hours on April 17th. Troopers say he had much more than his new wife Sarah Victoria May in the car.

Sergeant Tracy Haisler-Pace of the Florida Highway Patrol said "this particular individual had a loaded 357 on his hip. He had two speed loaders. He had two knives and an expandable batton all concealed on his person. As for what exactly he was preparing to do, I do not know."

That wasn't all he was carrying. The trooper says she also found a small metal box which Walker said had money and paperwork. In reality it contained 5 different kinds of drugs.

Sergeant Haisler-Pace went on to say "there was marijuana. There was an assortment of different types of pills. There were also mushrooms."

The pills were identified as Xanax. Troopers say Walker also had Lidocaine Hydrochloride which can be used to dilute cocaine. In addition, they say Walker had Naloxone, which can counter heroine overdoses.

Both individuals were taken to the Suwannee County Jail. They were released on bond. Troopers said they thought the drugs were meant for personal use and not for sale.