North Pole Employees Answer Every Piece of Fan Mail

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Business is booming all over the country this week as folks hit the malls and stores looking to spend whatever money they can on holiday gifts.

But one business that is also making a mint this holiday season is one run by the big guy himself...

They come in all shapes and sizes. Some come on colorful paper, others on plain white. Some are hard to open, others have a simple request...candy and a hippo.

These are the letters sent to the North Pole by kids all over Tallahassee and this is the woman who makes sure St. Nick receives and responds to every one of them.

"This is my favorite part of every year," said Gail Davis, a.k.a, Santa's secretary.

Gail Davis is the acting secretary at the Post office. She's been working for Santa for 18 years and will have to work double time to make sure all the kids have their letters looked at by the big guy.

"I never knew where they went. I know they go to Santa's helpers at the post office."

There's no word on how many employees work for the North Pole corporation or how much revenue they bring in each year, but they do have loyal workers like Davis that make sure the Christmas spirit is alive and well.

"We are like Santa's elves. We are his helpers. All these kids send letters in and we want them to know we got it and we're sending everything to Santa, so we're just helping Santa out."