Pets And Cold Weather

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With the lower temperatures coming into our area tonight, here are some tips to keep your pet safe and comfortable.

Bring your pets inside if you can, and give them a cushioned bed so they're not sleeping on the cold floor.

If you're unable to bring them inside, keep them free from wind to avoid the cooler wind temperature.

Dry bedding is a must, so bundle up to stay cool. Make sure their water doesn't freeze overnight - keeping a water source they can drink nearby is important for their health.

"There's a lot of other things that happen when its cold this time of year, and certainly even the indoor animals need to be protected from the cold. A lot of animals have arthritis problems, and so if we ignore the fact that their joints are bothering them as much as our joints are bothering us, then that can be very uncomfortable during this time of year," said Dr. Sherri Kasper, local veterinarian.

The most important thing to remember is animals and pets are like humans - keep them warm in any way possible so they can avoid becoming hypothermic.