Presidential Hopeful 'Average' Joe Schriner Visits Thomasville

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Thomasville, GA -- April 10, 2012 --

Obama. Romney. Shcriner?

"That's exactly it and we think at this point it's gonna become a national story," said presidential hopeful 'Average' Joe Schriner.

'Average' Joe is running for president for the fourth election cycle in a row. Since 2000, Joe, his wife, and three kids have been on the "Back Roads to the White House" tour. They have logged over 125,000 miles traveling around the country.

"We pull up to a town, stand on a street corner and talk to people one on one like they did in the old days," said Schriner.

"We're just an average family so it has it's ups and downs but apart from that it's wonderful. We get to meet some fantastic Americans," said his wife and campaign manager Liz Schriner.

Joe started his campaign in 2000 after taking a look around at what was happening in the world.

"It's not Mayberry anymore, between nuclear proliferation, inner city poverty and drugs, violence and sex on television."

If it hasn't worked the past 12 years, what's going to change in 2012?

"Well, we're going to win this time," he said.

You certainly can't vote against his confidence.