Price Increase For Water & Sewer Coming To Valdosta

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Valdosta, Ga.-June 22, 2012-

City of Valdosta water customers will soon see a price hike in their water and sewer rates.

All customers will see an increase of at least $1.40 starting starting July 1st. They'll start seeing the difference on their August utility bills.

It's supposed to offset rising operating costs. These rate increases will vary according to the size of their water meter and how much water customers use.

"By getting people to be more aware of how they use their water. If they stay under that lifeline rate, they will only see a minimum $1.40 increase. When it goes over 3,750 gallons then they pay an additional 35 cents for every 750 gallons," said Henry Hicks, Valdosta Utilities Director.

To meet rising operating costs, customers can expect to see the annual rates increase each July for the next five years.