Record Breaking Number of Early Voters in Lowndes County

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-- Lowndes County, Ga. -- November 2, 2012 --

More people have now voted early in Lowndes County than any time in history. Sherrie Luther was voter 22,00... making her ballot the one that broke the previous record set four years ago.

In the 2008 presidential election, there were 45 days of early voting in Lowndes County. In this year's election there were just 16 days. Nevertheless the record was broken.

Sherrie was rewarded with a $5 dollar gift certificate for ice cream, but her vote symbolized the importance of something deeper.

Deb Cox is the Supervisor of Elections for Lowndes County. She said "the voting process, the democratic process.. this is the foundation of our entire country. Everything rests on this. If this process doesn't work correctly nothing else does either."

But it did work correctly. In fact the only complaint is that the polls aren't open longer. Early voter Robert Rodriguez "there's no convincing argument that I have that says that you can't do it on Saturday, Sunday and Monday before the election."

Early voting in Georgia ends at 7PM on Friday.