Record Powerball Jackpot Brings out Georgian Lottery Players

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-- Valdosta, Ga. -- November 28, 2012 --

1 out of 175 million. That's your chances of winning the Powerball Jackpot... many feel it's worth the gamble.

Lowndes County resident Glenn Kringle said "oh I got a stack of tickets cause it'd be foolish not to throw a little something against that. And if I win, hey it's great, my kids got it made."

Judy Martin Trexler is a licensed clinical social worker. She said "the imagination runs wild about what can be bought. What bills can be payed. College funds, cars, it's very enticing to people."

Those willing and ready to roll the dice can buy a ticket at one of the 8,200 authorized locations in Georgia.

With the stakes this high convenience stores throughout Lowndes County have been consistently selling powerball tickets. One Valdosta store was selling as many as 60 tickets at a time.

Many local residents have already bought their tickets, leaving many to wonder... what if? Valdosta resident Leslie Howell said "I would probably have a heart attack first. And then I would donate a bunch of it to the needy families in the United States. And pay off our new house that we just built and buy a brand new car and probably quit my job."

The Powerball drawing is every Wednesday and Saturday night.