Residents Fight To Save Remerton Mill

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- Remerton, Ga. - June 15, 2012 -

There's a campaign brewing in Remerton, Georgia to save the Strickland Cotton Mill.

The Mill was supposed to be marked for demolition by the city, but that decision has been postponed due to public outcry. The mill is known to be a local landmark, especially with its iconic stove pipe.

The owners can't afford to keep it. The city can't afford to take it. So now a group of local residents have taken it upon themselves to try to save it.

"The mill was the livelyhood of so many families. In fact, you will meet people here in town that are descendents of these mill workers and they speak very fondly of that mill," said Celine Gladwin, architect and Campaign Organizer.

The Mill was founded in 1899. In fact, the City of Remerton, which exists as an island inside the City of Valdosta, was founded because of the mill.

Gladwin says their next meeting is Tuesday. The Remerton City Council will reconvene to discuss the mill's fate in September.