Robotics Competition Draws Students From Across the State

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By: Eames Yates
January 26, 2013

Lowndes High School played host to the fourth annual Robotics Competition on Saturday. Teams competed by trying to put the most bean bags into containers using their creations. For many students this year wasn't their first time doing battle.

John Newton is a Lowndes High School teacher and helped organize the competition. "it's amazing to see them progress from where they started and where they're at now. Not only in working with teams but intellectually and what they've learned and applied in a real world setting with competitions and robots."

30 teams from 9 different high schools across the state came here to Lowndes to compete. The winner goes to Anaheim, California for the World Finals.

Ben Martin is a Lowndes High School student who competed in the event. He said "you have the best of the best robots compete at Worlds. There's probably about four hundred teams that will go. And it really shows you how good you are compared to everyone else. Because at these competitions we're only facing local competitors but there we will be facing, you know, the best of the best."

There's no prize at the World Finals... Just bragging rights.Team 3-8-3-V from Lowndes High School won the competition on Saturday. They will be competing in the World Finals in March.