Georgia Runoff Elections Do Not Have Strong Turnout

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Valdosta, Georgia- August 21, 2012

Little by little voters trickled in Tuesday for Georgia's runoffs to the primary election.

Much of the day moved at a snail's pace in Lowndes County, but the tempo picked up a bit in the afternoon when work let out. Though it was not enough to build any lines.

"Unfortunately the lines around seven o'clock were none existent. Easy for me, but I would have like to have some more people involved," said Todd Smoot, Lowndes County Voter.

Todd Smoot has been voting faithfully for 30 years. But his 18-year-old son Craig is voting for the first time this year.

"It is certainly a new experience for me. And I'm anxious to see what effect my decisions will have on the surrounding area," said Craig Smoot.

Almost 2,000 voters turned out for the runoff in Lowndes County. Elections officials say that's not a strong turnout but about what is expected for a runoff.

The race for Commissioner of Lowndes County's new Super District Five seat is a nail bitter. Even at the end of the day, it is too close to call without provisional and military votes. So republicans John Page and Jody Hall will have to wait until Friday afternoon for the final tally.

And for voters like Craig Smoot that's a long time to wait. "I am looking forward to seeing my candidate become head of District Five and I hope he'll do good things," said Craig Smoot.