SWGTC Employee Helping More Than Just Students Find Jobs

If you're on the job hunt, a Southwest Georgia Tech employee has an affordable new way to help.

Dr. Jeanine Long has published an e-book entitled "How to Write an Effective Resume and Cover Letter. " It is an ebook so it does require a computer and internet connection to view, but the best part for many is that it's only $1.25.

"If you're not working you can't afford to go to Barnes and Noble and buy a 15 dollar book, where you would have $1.25 and go on Barnes and Noble nook to get an e-book," said Dr. Long.

Dr. Long is the director of career placement and development at the school. Southwest Georgia Tech had 100% total job placement rate according to data in 2010.

The e-book can be downloaded from most of the popular book retailers.