Man Arrested in Valdosta Shoplifting Turned Brawl With Police Appears in Court

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Valdosta, GA, January 7, 2013 - Today was the first court appearance for an accused shop lifter who fought police and took them on a wild ride.

He was caught trying to steal electronics in a Walmart in Valdosta.

The accused shop lifter is 18 year old Spencer Lonon, who is currently being held in Lowndes County jail.

It took pepper spray and eventually a taser to get him down, and that last part was caught on camera.

Lonon actually kicked his way out of the patrol car and escaped before Deputies caught him and tased him.

It started at the Walmart on Perimeter Road where he desperately fought police, forcing them to use pepper spray before finally wrestling Lonon into the squad car.

He actually broke one officer's ankle.

In court today the judge set Lonon's bond at $20, 000; he's charged with multiple felonies including shop lifting and aggravated battery.

Some people are upset that Valdosta Police deployed Pepper Spray in the Walmart, as it affected dozens of people.

To that, Valdosta Police say they regret being forced to resort to that, but that was a choice Mr. Lonon made when he fought back violently against authorities.

Valdosta, GA - It took pepper spray and a taser for Valdosta Police to stop an accused shop lifter.

It started at the Walmart on Inner Perimeter Road shortly after 4 pm Saturday afternoon. Valdosta Police say store security witnessed the man attempting to steal computer equipment and video games. He was detained but fought his way out before they could cuff him.

"At that point, unexpectedly Mr. Lonon turned around and lunged at the officer (and) pushed the officer out of the way. He actually pushed and hit the security manager in the chest," said Commander Brian Childress with the Valdosta Police Department.

18 year old Spencer Lonon made the police chase him. He stomped on one officer's ankle multiple times breaking the bone. They used pepper spray to try to stop him. It didn't work but it did affect dozens of customers.

"We regret that some people got the effects of the pepper spray but I absolutely agree with what the officers did. They did the right thing. They followed our "Use Of Force Protocol", said Childress.

Lonon was finally caught in the parking lot. By that time he had stripped to his underwear, sheading clothes to give officers nothing to grab onto. It took three officers to wrestle him into the back of the patrol car. But he kicked his way out before they could get him to jail and he escaped on Madison Highway just south of Valdosta. That's where deputies had to tase him.

Lonon is charged with multiple felonies including shop lifting and aggravated battery. It's not clear if Lonon was on drugs. But Commander Childress says it's safe to say there's nothing normal about this shop lifting case.