Should The Military Be Using Tax Dollars To Advertise For Recruiting?

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- Valdosta, Ga. - June 20, 2012 -

Should the military be using tax dollars to advertise for recruiting? That is the question some in Washington are asking.

Just as much as peanuts and soda pop, a timeless staple of professional sporting events is advertising. And the military is no exception.

They spending tens-of-millions of tax payer dollars each year to plaster their logos on race cars and stadium sidelines.

Now Georgia Senator Jack Kingston is co-authoring a bill to ban the armed forces from sponsoring professional sports. Kingston is dubious as to whether the cost is justified spending that kind of money in the midst of extreme budget cuts.

But at the same time Army Marketing spokespeople say advertising boosts recruitment.

"I think they should do whatever they can do to get people to join. I think it's a good idea," said Jeanna May, Georgia resident.

"That money can go to something way better than advertising for people to join the National Guard. Because if someone wants to join they are going to join regardless," said Dyonna Johnson, Georgia Resident.

One example we have seen is the National Guard spending $26 million dollars to place their logo on Dale Earnhardt Junior's race car.

Senator Kingston says he's not against helping recruiting, but he says there's no evidence that anyone is joining because of seeing a logo on TV.

This issue is likely to turn into a racing themed fight on the house floor.