Six-year-old Girl Handcuffed for Throwing Tantrum

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-- Valdosta, Ga. -- April 19, 2012 --

The 6-year old girl from Milledgeville Georgia was throwing a tantrum while at school. The educators called the police who handcuffed her and brought her to the station. The incident has raised questions about how police should deal with disruptive students.

Juvenile judge Wayne Ellerbee spoke to Eyewitness News reporter Eames Yates about how he feels saying "I don't think police should have a presence in school because I think it's the parents responsibilities to teach their children to behave regardless of where they are."

Some teachers don't want to physically intervene during a dispute because they're afraid it could lead to lawsuits.

Carolyn Wilson has a grandson with anger issues. She said "I can understand where a teacher would do that even with a six year old. I can understand why they would do it for their own self protection. But I don't know in the long run who it's really helping because you're traumatizing the child more."

Judge Ellerbee went on to say "we have an obligation to every child that goes to school and every teacher that teaches in school to be protected from children that can't or won't function properly."

Milledgeville Police did not say what set off the 6-year old girls tantrum. She was not charged with a crime.