Skillet Festival Is A Big Hit In Quitman

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Valdosta, GA - Take a drive through Quitman, and if you miss the festival, that would be impressive.

The Second Annual Skillet Festival is the biggest event in Brooks County since last year's festival.

"It's just the comradery and the children and seeing people you haven't seen in a while. It's just nice," said Festival Goer Brandi Sumler.

Hundreds lined up for what's cooking in those skillets.

"We're cooking steak tips in big skillets and corn bread in Dutch Ovens and baked beans in Dutch Ovens and we have Brunswick Stew in a copper pot over a real fire," said James Horton, Owner of Wiregrass Bar & Grill in Quitman.

Then there was the skillet toss.

"The Skillet Toss is (a competition to) toss a five to eight pound Cast Iron Skillet the most accurately. It's like Horse Shoes but with a Cast Iron Skillet," said Nikki Bradley, one of the organizers of the event.

The Skillet has become a symbol of Brooks County because it is historical, multicultural and everybody has one," said Lauren Basford, the primary organizer of the event. Basford works with Destination Brooks which started the festival last year.

On the lawn of the Quitman courthouse, there were dozens of vendors, hundreds of visitors, and millions of smiles. And the festival will be back next year to bring a little more charm to the small town of Quitman.