Georgia's Soybean Production Up Nearly 130 Percent From Last Year

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Lanier County, GA, November 1, 2012 - The peach state has gotten a lot more protein lately. Soybean production is up nearly 130% from last year.

Paul Folsom is a farmer from Lanier County. He said "the weather has played an important part this year in our overall crop production in south east Georgia and north Florida. We've had an excellent planting season and growing season."

According to the most recent forecast by the department of agriculture, Georgia is expected to harvest more than 400 million pounds of soybeans.. Good weather equals big yields.

The amount of soybeans harvested per acre in Georgia is up 50% from last year. More soybeans harvested means more jobs.

Folsom went on to say "the better crop a farmer has the more he can spend on labor and other things, equipment and so forth. But labor is certainly a must on a farm."

Folsom says this year's soybean crop is adding as many as a thousand jobs in Lanier County alone. With droughts throughout the rest of the country... Georgia's farmers are reaping the benefits.

Georgia's Commissioner of Agriculture, Gary Black, said "when supplies are low and other people are suffering actually those who have product to sell are the ones who benefit and that's certainly the way it is for our producers this year."

Peanut production is also on the rise in Georgia... up more than 80% from last year.