Student Pulls Knife On Another Student At Lanier Elementary School

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Lakeland, GA - September 14, 2012

A local community is up in arms after one student pulled a knife on another at Lanier County Elementary School.

Superintendent Keith Humphrey says the incident happened Wednesday during school hours. That has parents like Tina Crews concerned. Crews says she talks to her kids about school safety all the time.

"I tell them everyday that you can do good and you can do right. Because when you start making bad choices in life, there's consequences to that," Crews said.

Crews has two kids in the Lanier County School System. One of them is a 4th grader at the Elementary School.

"Parents just need to be more aware and just try to be more involved in their child's life and show them that you are there for them and you love them and care about them," Crews said.

The school district is not releasing many details at this time, but Superintendent Humphrey did say the boy who brought the knife to school was threatening the other young man with it.

Humphrey did not want to go on camera, but issued a written statement.

"After investigating the allegations, the principal suspended the student from school pending a tribunal proceeding. Charges were filed for bringing a weapon onto a school campus. The Department of Juvenile Justice detained the student."

That student who was detained was taken to the Youth Detention Center in Waycross. Superintendent Humphrey says he had a hearing in Clinch County and the judge ruled that is where he is going to stay for the time being.