Suwannee Co School Leaders Plan To Reconfigure Elementary Schools

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Suwannee Co., FL - A dramatic change to the way Elementary aged students are taught. School leaders in Suwannee County, Florida announced plans to Reconfigure the schools.

Right now students are divided between three schools by their age. And they change schools almost every two years until Middle School.

Pre-K through first graders go to Suwannee Primary School. 2nd and 3rd graders go to Suwannee Elementary. And 4th and 5th graders go to Suwannee Intermediate.

Director of Curriculum, Dawn Lamb, says the reconfiguration would make all three schools stand alone and teach Pre-K through 5th grade.

"One of the benefits to the students is they would have a single school to remain in for those five to six years of their Elementary experience, instead of transferring from school, to school, to school every two years," said Lamb.

All three schools are practically right next to each other on Pinewood Street in Live Oak. Lamb says that could create complications as to who goes where, especially if parents are able to choose schools. They will have to work out a plan to prevent schools from becoming unequal in ways of population, race and academic performance.

When asked about the potential cost, Lamb would only say it's just too early to tell, and the money would come from the General Fund.

"There will be some cost and that's something we have to evaluate and make sure the community is okay with," said Lamb.

If approved, the reconfiguration will be made over summer break and go into effect next school year.

"We would like for the public to know we are in the very beginning stages. We are welcoming community input. We want this to be a community based decision. It's not something that's a done deal," Lamb said.