Suwannee Co Schools Work To Keep Intruders Out

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Live Oak, FL - Suwannee County school leaders say their students are safe, but they are concerned not enough is being done to prevent strangers from approaching the schools.

They want to make sure nothing like the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary can ever happen here. They discussed ways to keep strangers at bay and empower the teachers.

They've asked us not to report their specific weaknesses.

"Certainly we don't want any of those who may have ill intentions to know of the weaknesses that we have," said Dawn Lamb, Director Of Curriculum for Suwannee County Schools. "Because of the design of our campuses and their open nature we are very conscience of the open nature of some of our campuses."

We can tell you they discussed raising the fences and limiting entry points, as well as making school procedures more uniform so any outsiders will stand out quickly.

It may be especially important to protect Suwannee County Schools from some sort of attack because all the schools in Live Oak are within a mile of each other.

School leaders want parents to know the instant there is a problem at any one of their schools the whole district goes on lock down.

"We're not just thinking about this because of what happened in Connecticut, but it's something we do on an on-going basis," said Lamb.

Suwannee Educators and law enforcement have also been running through hypothetical drills together in case of a school shooting.