Suwannee River Floods Causing Evacuations

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-- White Springs, Fl -- June 27, 2012 --

White Springs resident, Stanly Williams, said "I have kids and I've just been without water, you know, and that was my basic concern just to get my water back on."

Water... Some don't have enough and others have too much. Since the rains began the Suwannee River has risen several feet. In southern parts of Hamilton County, like White Springs, it finally crested at more than seven feet above the standard flooding stage.

Chief Ken Brookins of the White Springs Police Department said "the river flooding in our area is about as bad as we're going to see. Fortunately the actual town of White Springs, the city limits, is pretty high."

People closer to the Suwannee River have it a lot worse.
The Hamilton County Sheriff, J. Harrell Reid, said "we have made some evacuations. I would say probably less than 10. But we still have a family that we can only access by boat at this time."

That family, the Lindsey's, live on the banks of the river in the southern region of Hamilton County. The sheriff's office has brought them two loads of supplies and confirms they are safe.

Sheriff Reid went on to say "we had no injuries, no lives lost. We're thankful for that."

At last check there are 140 homes without power in Hamilton County. About 25% of the town of White Springs is without water due to damaged pipes from the floods.