Synthetic Marijuana Outlawed In Georgia

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- Georgia - March 28, 2012 -

A new law in Georgia bans synthetic marijuana that used to be available on store shelves to be bought legally until the law went into effect.

"Divided By Zero" is a store in Valdosta that sells lots of wild things, but Johnathan Mims is a salesman who says synthetic marijuana was never one of them.

"We don't want to sell anything to our customers that's going to hurt them or put them in the hospital. We want return service and you can't do that when people are winding up in the hospital for what you're selling," said Mims.

Until Tuesday, synthetic forms of marijuana have been sold legally in the state of Georgia. Governor Nathan Deal signed the new law called "Chase's Law" named for Chase Burnett, a Fayette County 16-year-old. Burnett was a popular honors student who was found dead in a hot tub after smoking "spice" or K-2.

The new law covers most chemical versions of synthetic pot.

Lt. Aaron Kirk with the Valdosta Police Department tells Eyewitness News reporter Greg Gullberg how they're going to be cracking down now on people who sell the drug.

"Our narcotics unit is aware of the new law and the problem and they're looking into it.. They will be investigating different places to see if these places are in fact selling any of these synthetic drugs," said Lt. Kirk.

Narcotics agents will be fighting to get the product off the streets immediately. If stores and gas stations don't get it off the shelves, they're going to jail.