TIME Cover Sparks Debate

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Breast feeding is a natural way for a mother to nourish her baby. Doing it on the cover of Time Magazine with a three year old....perhaps not so much.

"The photograph makes him look older. Standing on the chair of course puts him a lot higher which makes him look very tall. So, I think there is really a shock factor for people in that," said Vicki Langston, a Certified Lactation Consultant.

The Time article talks about extended nursing, co-sleeping, and baby wearing. While many people argue with the concept, breast feeding experts say more mothers are choosing natural feeding over bottles.

Robin Stanford is a Leader with the Tallahassee Chapter of La Leche League.

"We encourage people to follow the American Academy of Pediatrics guideline which says to breast feed for a year, if possible. If that works for the mother. One of the surgeon generals said it was the lucky baby who breast fed til two," said Stanford.

The debate over breast feeding in public has been going on for decades.

"Some people feel very strongly that breast feeding is private, and they're going to be upset or offended by seeing that on the cover, especially with a child that's older," said Langston.

The photo and debate over public displays of breast feeding has already become a hot topic at the water cooler.

"I don't have a particular stance on the issue but a buddy of mine at the office did say I don't mind them doing it, if they don't mind me staring," said Ryan Burk of Tallahassee.