TV Stars Show for Annual Harvest Festival in Berrien County

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Berrien County, GA - October 13, 2012

The third annual Harvest Festival in downtown Nashville drew roughly a thousand people. The 6 hour long event was put on by the Berrien County Chamber of Commerce. Fans of the hit CBS show The Amazing Race got the chance to meet Boston, Georgia locals Kelley and Rob French, who were featured on this season's show.

Rob French said "so far it's been pretty amazing to see the footage of the things we had to endure while we were out there on the race. And I can tell you anybody that would ever have the opportunity to do it, they should take that opportunity!"

Rob and Kelley French aren't the only TV stars here. The Animal Planet's Gator Boys came from Florida to perform their road show Scales, Tails and Teeth.

There were no bites at this years festival, but that doesn't mean they haven't had some close calls.

Jimmy Riffle of the Gator Boys said "I had an alligator bite me in my right thumb. The alligator held on for about eight minutes. He wouldn't let go. It was about nine feet and he tried to roll and shake and we had to get him off with a crowbar."

The Gator Boys show has recently been picked up for a second season. The Amazing Race airs on Sunday's at 8PM on WCTV.