Taking Fireworks Across State Lines Could Land You In Jail

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Hamilton County, Florida- July 3, 2012

If you are hoping to celebrate Independence Day with a bang you might want to refresh yourself on the law, because what may be legal in one state may land you in serious trouble in another.

Joyce Ford and her family are in a last minute arms race for the 4th of July.

"My kids want a lot (of fireworks) that's going to go up in the air and make real loud noises. See all the lights and stuff," said Ford.

Customers building up their personal arsenals are big business this time of the year. Sometimes several hundred dollars a pop. That fires up the employees at "Food Mart" convenience store off I-75 at the Jasper, Florida exit. That's just two exits from the Georgia state line.

In Florida you can buy everything from Glow Worms to artillery shells. But you need to know that if you try to use something like this in the state of Georgia you could be fined $1,000 or up to one year in jail.

Georgia allows small fireworks like snakes, snappers and party poppers. But don't care try to fireoff a Red Devil, Fat Cat or $200 Pyromaniac in the Peach State.

"Innocent things you would think," said Valdosta Fire Chief J.D. Rice. "But each year hundreds of children are hurt because of improper use of fireworks."

Fire Chief J.D. Rice says the Valdosta fire and police departments will be out full force for the 4th.

"We're going to obviously investigate any sounds that we hear of fireworks and make sure that our citizens are using the appropriate type of fireworks," Chief Rice said.

In Alabama fireworks laws are even more lenient, but authorities warn not to bring them to Florida or Georgia.


Georgia Permits:

- Sparklers up to 100 grams each.
- Fountains
- Snakes
- Glow Worms
- Snappers
- Party Poppers

Georgia Prohibits:

- Fire Crackers
- Torpedoes
- Sky Rockets
- Roman Candles
- Bombs
- Sparklers