Tallahassee Pride Festival Unites Alternative Community

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- Tallahasee, FL, - April 21, 2012 -

Everybody deserves a day where they can feel free to be themselves, free from judgement. That day was Saturday for Tallahassee's "alternative" community at the 5th annual Tallahassee Pride Festival.

"Being here today is a wonderful experience to show that there's unity and a place where these kids can come and be themselves," said festival goer Daniel Young.

"You're around people that understand you and you understand them and it's just everybody is happy. It's a place where you can just be your self and not have to worry about anything," said festival goer Rain Allen.

Patrons had to battle the rain, but for Tallahassee's gay, lesbian and transgender community it was the time of their lives.

"There was straight, gay, bi (sexual) everybody just had a good time," said vendor for South Georgia Pride Raynae Williams.

Patrons came from far and wide. Plenty came from Valdosta while others came from as far as Tampa. Organizers say there were as many as 1,500 people in all.

"Pride Fest is something we do every year to actually celebrate who we are. We've got lots of different folks from various backgrounds, different walks of life," said organizer Andy Janecek.

The South Georgia Pride Festival will be in Valdosta coming up September 15th.